July Funding Opportunities: Mark Your Calendars

Calendar of USAID July Funding Opportunities Don't Miss these Amazing Funding Opportunities in July!

Selected Funding Opportunity Due Dates*

*All current USAID opportunities can be found on SAM.gov (contracts) and Grants.gov (grants and cooperative agreements). Don't see an opportunity in your country? Check out USAID's Business Forecast to see anticipated upcoming opportunities.


July 3 | Zimbabwe ?? Notice of Funding (NOFO) for the Providing Family Planning Services Activity

July 11 | Democratic Republic of the Congo ?? NOFO for the Combating HIV/AIDS through Local Partnership Activity (CHALPA)-Kinshasa

July 11 | Democratic Republic of the Congo ?? NOFO for the Combating HIV/AIDS through Local Partnership Activity (CHALPA)-Lualaba

July 11 | Democratic Republic of the Congo ?? NOFO for Controlling HIV/AIDS Epidemic among Key and Vulnerable Populations (CHEK) through Local Partnership

July 17 | Mozambique ?? NOFO for the Partner Security Liaison Operations (PLSO) Activity

July 17 | South Africa ?? NOFO for Children, Adolescents, and Families in the HIV Epidemic in the Free State Province

July 18 | Liberia ?? NOFO for the Liberia Foundational Skill Activity (LFSA)

July 21 | Guinea ?? NOFO for Promoting Youth Rural Entrepreneurship in the Faranah Administrative Region of Guinea

July 24 | South Sudan ?? Request for Quotations (RFQ) to procure services to design and build security upgrades to the U.S. Embassy Residential Compound Perimeter Wall

July 25 | South Africa ?? RFQ for the Implementation of Organizational Development Activity

July 28 | South Africa ?? Request for Information (RFI) for the Power Africa future activities in West Africa


July 7 | Honduras ?? Call for concept notes for the Improved (Re)integration Services Activity


July 5 | Vietnam ?? Call for concept notes for the Local Solutions to Counter Wildlife Trafficking Activity

July 7 | Nepal??RFI/Sources Sought Notice (SSN) for Small Grants for Biodiversity

July 7 | Thailand ?? RFI to Support Activity Design for a Program Entitled "USAID/RDMA Partnerships for Green Investment."

July 10 | Kazakhstan ?? NOFO for the Central Asia Information Integrity Activity (CAIIA)

July 14 | Kazakhstan ?? NOFO for the Employment and Enterprise Development Activity (EEDA)

July 25 |  India ?? Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Learning Hub Activity

July 28 |  India ?? RFI for Health Systems Strengthening and Building Resilience to Future Pandemics and Climate Change

July 30 | Bangladesh ?? RFP for Safety and Logistics Support (SLS) 


July 16 | Jordan ?? Call for bids for the Supply of Class-C-Mechanical Meters-Phase III Umbrella FARA

July 17 | Jordan ?? Call for bids to Procure Services to Design and Construct a Paved Roadway within the US Embassy Residential Compound (RC)

July 17 | West Bank Gaza RFP for the Basic Infrastructure Support Mechanism (BISM)

July 26 | Jordan ?? Call for bids for Engineering Services for Supervision Works for the Leak Detection and Maintenance Crews & Non-Revenue Water Projects in Zarqa, Amman, and Balqa


July 7 | Office of Acquisition & Assistance: SSN/RFI for FEWS NET 8 Decision Support

July 12 | Office of the Chief Information Office: RFI for the "Personal Computing and Desktop as a Service” (PCaaS) Program

July 14 | Office of Acquisition & Assistance: Request for Applications (RFA) for the Ocean Freight Reimbursement Program FY2024 and FY2025

July 17 | USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas: NOFO for the Inclusive Development and Equitable Assistance (IDEA) Leader with Associate Award (LWA)


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