Share Your Feedback: USAID's New Violence and Conflict Assessment Framework

Man and woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo hold a sign reading "No to Violence" in front of a small mud-walled homePhoto credit: Crystal Stafford/USAID

USAID’s Center for Conflict and Violence Prevention in the Bureau for Conflict Prevention and Stabilization is pleased to announce that the Agency's updated Violence and Conflict Assessment (VCA) framework is available for public comment. Click here to submit your comments.

USAID’s VCA is a tool to assist USAID Missions, U.S. Government (USG) counterparts, and local partners to better understand, address, and navigate the pervasive challenges of armed conflict and violence. The VCA replaces the Agency’s longstanding Conflict Assessment Framework (CAF) as USAID's primary tool for analyzing conflict and violence dynamics. 

USAID welcomes feedback that identifies major gaps, issues, or areas that would benefit from clarification by May 22, 2023

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