The 4th ReEnergy Africa International Summit in Morocco on Energy Without Boundaries: Green, Renewable Energies for All

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Windmills under blue sky during daytime in North Africa
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ReEnergy Africa (Lex360 Advisory Limited)

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October 18, 2023 to October 19, 2023


Rabat, Morocco

Our Focus will be these three C's

1. Compliance: How do we ensure that organizations meet the requirements of environmental laws, regulations, and standards?

2. Communication: How do we engage stakeholders, representatives, & the public to ensure environmental awareness & education?

3. Conservation: How do we protect and preserve the environment and its resources, including air, water, soil, plants, and animals?

Championing and accelerating solutions to the climate crisis

Countdown, TED’s first issue-specific initiative, was launched in 2019 to champion and accelerate the bold ideas and underinvested solutions that can bring us closer to achieving a zero-carbon world that is cleaner, healthier, and fairer for all.

Tackling an issue as large and daunting as the climate crisis can feel overwhelming.

Count Us In

Take practical steps to reduce carbon pollution and challenge leaders to deliver bold, global change.

Our voices and choices matter — and they’re even more powerful when we combine them.

Great and small, we can all help protect what we love.

Taking on an issue affecting the entire planet can be too big to tackle. But at the heart of it, climate change is a human issue. And we humans can do something about it.

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