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Partnership Checklist

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Prepare my organization

Before you run any race, you need to prepare. This checklist will help you examine and verify your readiness to work with USAID, get connected to the USAID partner ecosystem, and take actions that will accelerate your partner journey.

Is my organization eligible to work with USAID?
  • Generally speaking, almost any organization is eligible to work with USAID. 
  • USAID funding comes from the American People and its budget is set by Congress, in negotiation with the Executive Office. Each USAID notice of funding opportunity defines eligibility requirements. Two levels of eligibility exist: (1) “Unrestricted eligibility” has no limitations on eligibility, whereas (2) “restricted eligibility” may be limited by organization type, location, or efficiency. Here’s an example of a notice of funding opportunity (PDF).
How do I prepare my organization to work with USAID?
  • Access steps, helpful resources, and practical guidance to get ready to partner with USAID through the “How to Work with USAID” online training series.
  • Become familiar with USAID acronyms with the “Acronym Soup” video (English) (Spanish subtitles) and this quick reference guide (PDF).
  • Consider partnering with more experienced implementers to become familiar with USAID requirements for work planning, financial management, and program reporting. For a list of USAID’s top 15 acquisition and assistance partners, please see page 4 of the 2021 progress report (PDF) issued by the USAID Bureau for Management’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance. 
  • Learn to measure success, monitor your activities, and report on performance. Put in place an Activity Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning plan before you submit a concept note to USAID. 
  • For non-U.S. organizations, check the Prospective Offeror’s and Applicant’s Guide (PDF) to determine whether your legal, financial, and operational policies meet USAID requirements. USAID will then assess your capacity to manage an award and comply with U.S. Government regulations. 
  • Assemble evidence or documentation of your organization’s capacity, past performance, and required certifications. Have these readily available to provide a timely response to a USAID funding solicitation. 
  • Ensure your organization understands that, depending upon if an award is made under an acquisition versus an assistance mechanism, USAID is given exclusive branding and marking. See USAID’s branding and marking requirements and this related training module
  • Review USAID Mission websites and Country Development Cooperation Strategies to connect your organization’s capabilities with a Mission’s focus areas.
How can I connect to the USAID partner ecosystem?
Where can I find out about funding opportunities?
How does USAID make funding decisions?
What is required of my organization to receive funding?
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